Tam Wireframe

I'm pretty much done modeling my next character, save for some minor fine tuning. The final poly count rests at just under 9,000. Next up is the unwrap and texture, and this will also be one of my first ventures into opacity mapped hair. Wish me luck!


Licence Plate

I decided to give the Camaro Alberta plates in honor of Nougat Soft's home province . This took me about an hour. Did the text in Photoshop, and the normals in ShaderMap Pro.


Game Trailer

This is one of the scenes for the trailer I am currently working on. So many projects going right now!  Im still missing the license plate, and the interior of the car is not yet present. This is the high poly version of the a souped-up/beat-up Camaro I made for the game I'm working on.

Orion MK-05 Character Model

Here is the character model from my last animation. This was by far, the highest poly character I've done to date, weighing in at about 130k.  His creation took up the better part of two months work and was done using 3DS Max, Zbrush, and Photoshop.
Demo Reel and Animation can be found here and here.

50 Cal. MG

I figured I should post this one with the M-16 for the sake of continuity. This one was a game asset that took a day or two and ended up just shy of 2,000 polygons, and was created using 3DS Max, Zbrush, and Photoshop.


High Poly M-16

I made this as part of a logo for a game trailer I'm am currently working on. It took about a days work, spread over a couple nights.

Hello out there!

Hi there! This is an ongoing compilation of some of the projects I'm working on, as well as some of the finished products I've created and contributed to in the past.  This is a scene from my latest animation, entitled "The Catalyst".