Orion MK_01 Character Model

This is a character I made for an upcoming game project a few friends and I have been working on. It took about a month's time and I'm pretty happy with the result.

It was created in 3DS Max, and textured with Photoshop and Zbrush. The normal maps were generated using a combination of Zbrush and 3DS Max high poly baking. The final poly count comes in at 6500 and 12,500 tris.

I made individual adjustment layers, making changing the entire color scheme as easy as a few clicks.

Background Courtesy of Greg Martin


Male Facial Sculpt

About one afternoons work in Zbrush focusing on facial anatomy. Still needs some detail but was good practice.

Alien Matriarch: Hard Surface Modeling Project

This is my latest project made almost entirely in Zbrush, save for a few base models in 3DS Max. The primary focus for this project was practicing some hard surface and poly-group modeling techniques, with little to no texturing. I used Zspheres for the base mesh, and put the tri-parts insert mesh to good used for the head plugs.


Jynx: High Poly Cyberpunk Character Model

Modeled and textured in ZBrush and 3ds Max, taking a couple months of spare time. I used 3DS Max's hair and fur feature, substituting geometry to get the 'hair plugs', and then imported the mesh into Zbrush. The base model and most of the sub tools were created in Max