Level Design Assets

Recently, I've thrown myself into level design in an ongoing effort to maximize efficiency in my modeling methods, and learn some new techniques for normal map generation.

Each tunnel section ended up being ~160 polygons, and a door frame section including both doors is roughly 220. In total the section below turned out being almost 900 polys. there is a fair bit I could have spared, as this is still pretty high for level design.

I felt that every level artist should have a barricade or two under their belt, and this was surprisingly a lot of fun. 90 polys in no time at all.

I thought that every sci-fi tunnel should have a few cars kicking around and I wanted one to play around with in UDK eventually. The wheels are separate, so technically it could drive, but its only a shell and I made it strictly for use as a prop. After not quite 2 days, it worked out to be just over 1000 polys, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I still have plans to lead this scene outside. Once there I wanted to have some doodads ready to populate the area with, so I made a terraformer. This took an extra day longer than the car, and ended up being ~1480 polys.

This amounts to about a weeks worth of my spare time in total, some days being sparse, and others fairly generous. Next week will be the outside termination point for the tunnel, and then on to terrain generation in UDK, which I'm thinking will take a bit longer due to the learning curve involved.


Tunnel Scene Cont...

There I am two days later. I've completed a door frame and a large blast door that connect to the tunnel I made. I think that took me at least another five hours, plus an extra hour of troubleshooting a new normal generation technique. After that I made some concrete barriers, that took about two hours that included some playing with the rendering. I added the car after another couple days casual work.


Tunnel Project

This is a modular tunnel I built this evening, while hashing out the UDK pipeline. One section turned out to be 160 polys, and it took me roughly 5 hours. The tunnel here is 45 meters long and turned out to be roughly 3000 polys. Each section comes complete with a diffuse, specular, light, normal and opacity map. I plan to build a Door, a cave face, some terrain and a custom sky dome, and assemble a small scene in UDK in the next few days. We shall see how my spare time pans out.