Grav Tubes

Started on our next mod already. Making some gravity tubes for moving people and stuff around. Having a lot of fun with this one and its coming together surprisingly quick. Most of the pieces are just over 1000 polys and there are only 3 elements to the texture file that repeat across the models.

Build stages for each block. To make them survival ready, every game block needs to have multiple models in varying stages of completion.

Added some directional arrows to make placement in game easier.

Got some textures added that I'm finally happy with. Playing with the color mask a bit here.

First block in game and fully operational. Feels good! Got some interesting issues with the reflectivity I hadn't anticipated but all in all, I quite happy with it.


Baby Steps

Got the first piece of what we are now officially titling the Laser Bridge in game. Going to tweak the materials a bit before we get the rest in. Fun stuff!

Concepts for the laser construction stages.

What the construction models and color variants look like all laid out. 86 items in total.


Light Bridge Test Run

Really diggin how well the grav-walk and the light bridge mesh together. Being on different levels leads to some interesting challenges/designs. I may have gotten carried away.


Grav-Walk Complete

Finally got our Gravity Catwalk mod in game. Looks good and works great! Uploaded to the Steam Workshop and already looking forward to our next project.